Energy Pathways

One of the opportunities that I have noticed lately is the fact that energy pathways are now more perceivable than ever before. I don’t believe that this visibility is just due only to my own personal development. I believe that the veil is getting thinner and thinner and what I notice, because I’m searching and observing closely, can be observed by anyone else as well, if they wish to get into that. To me, thought forms are energy patterns. Behavioral repeats are also energy patterns for example. I’d say, everything that results in a perceivable reality, an experience on this plane is a construct of energy pathways and patterns. There are certain rhythms in these energy patterns and the energy in them flows in certain pathways. This can be perceived empathically, where the sensation is one of movement, flowing, following a direction, or visually by actually seeing the energy light up and the pathway reveals itself in that form. It matters not whether it’s actually visible, they are there and they can be perceived. To be able to sense these pathways and recognize where they lead has a very unique effect for me.

First of all, as I learn to navigate this world with this added perception, I can tell when I follow a certain pathway, just because I have followed it regularly until now – blindly in fact, subconsciously. I have responded and reacted, just like every other human being to these energy patterns and my energy has followed their established pathways on a daily basis. The moment I realize I’m flowing along such a pathway and it leads to the inevitable result of the well known behavioral patterns, to conflict sometimes to feelings that are less than enjoyable, I have the responsibility to choose whether or not I wish to follow this pathway all the way into the inevitable “ditch”, or if I want to say: No, today, I choose otherwise, for I know where this leads and I do not wish to repeat this particular experience. This is a form of conscious creation and it does have an effect on the fabric of reality.

The next step in developing a keen sense of navigation, would be to see, sense, perceive, know of the pathway and it’s inevitable destination ahead of time, that means before being swept along out of habit. This kind of foresight can allow even greater mastery over one’s own creation of encounters, experiences and simply one’s every day experience of personal reality. I’m not fully there yet with the mastery of these choices. Foresight sometimes eludes me still, but I am excited that I can sense these energetic pathways. It’s one thing to know that we create our reality every moment anew, it’s definitely a more exciting prospect to do so with full awareness and the distinct ability to consciously pick and choose. The sense of freedom is overwhelming!


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