Another spiraling circle around the field of “expectations” is in store. My mind is tired, because it already knows full well, that expectations are a set-up for disappointments. They do way more though. Expectations are these desires that will hook one into the future and by doing so, one is bound back into the timeline. In order to release expectations, I do another sweep across my doormat and front porch and let them all go. It’s really only attachment to a predicted, desired outcome. That’s all they are. They are fantasms that come back to haunt.

Yet, after having cast this somewhat sombre light on “expectations”, I would like to create a more balanced view and see what could possibly be their positive side, their value. What are they good for ?

As I’m pondering this question, I am drawn to the depth of the conscious co-creation field. Expectations are a catalyst, a catalyst that will spark the manifestation of a creation that already exists in non-physical. To cast expectations onto other people with free will choice is a different issue than using expectations as a tool. Expectations used as a tool for free form creation, that is in no collision course with another’s free will and creation, are the catalyst to produce a formed and manifested creation. It is as if “expectations” have just now gained a new status for me.  They’re not really bad and they have their rightful place, which I somehow figured they would.

So, coming away from theoretic philosophy, I want to get concrete. What happens in the act of conscious creation? An idea forms in the mind. A picture follows. A feeling and a sensation accompanies these and the creation becomes real in non-physical. Then – the icing on this layered cake – there’s the expectation. The stubborn sense of: “this WILL manifest, I expect it to – it is already so!” This expectation is indeed what propels the carefully formulated creation out into the fabric of the element ether and begins to form what is already thought of as real before it has obtained the physical form. Without this expectation, creations have a hard time to form fully and will often not manifest in physical form.

The conclusion to this is that expectations are really important, not harmful at all in essence, it’s just a matter of using that energy in a slightly different way – for its creative properties. I have a feeling, that many (or all) things that we have perceived and experienced one way so far have that hidden, to be explored different side and purpose.


One thought on “Expectations

  1. Thank you thank you for this. And as usual, it’s right on time for me. I just had a fairly large disappointment that an expectation didn’t manifest, but like a pierced balloon, lost all it’s lift and fell down lifeless. I will try to keep this new perspective in mind, and treat this as a ‘coming attraction’ of good things of a similar nature.

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