There is no Excuse!

So very often I have people asking me: “What shall I do in my life?” This question is not even the one that asks for the personal mission. It is more likely that one question that for some folks does not seem to find an answer easily. I have a short answer to the question that is applicable to everyone. It’s not to be understood as a pat answer, I really don’t mean to dismiss the anxiousness that may be felt while not doing “the right thing” yet. This one small answer goes as follows:

You shall do whatever brings you joy and happiness. 

With this answer I want to point out that there are things in life that we enjoy doing more than others. There are things we really thrive on, we become happy people when we do them. My answer points to those things and those things alone. There is one feature these things have in common. They come easy to those who love doing them (and might be impossible to achieve for others.) Loving an activity, enjoying it and experiencing happiness while enjoying the “work” is exactly what the Universe wants of you. I have a hard time imagining that any one person has nothing at all that they enjoy doing. I am at the same time aware that some of the things may not be high yield jobs in ways of financial gain. That’s ok. It really is. I even go as far as to say, you can do a job you don’t like and make your money that way, but one thing is needed for happy living. There has to be time and space for you to do that which you love (even if it is a recreational activity) – at least once a day, or at the very least 3 times a week. (my guesstimate). The way to happiness is not necessarily finding that which you love doing and making money off that. Very often, that’s not the case. The way to unhappiness however, is clearly to do that which makes money and leave out that which brings joy. So in order to be happy (and therefore healthy) people, we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to do that which we love doing and that which brings joy and happiness to us.

Excuses that will deny the experience of doing that which we love are to be avoided at all cost ! There is no excuse!


One thought on “There is no Excuse!

  1. Yes I am seeing this quite clearly as a truth (for me) now.
    I think what I may need to work on is the dealing with the feelings of frustration which occur when having to do those things that I perhaps don’t enjoy so much but are necessary for whatever reason – as opposed to being able to do the desired things at any time. Learning to deal better with delayed gratification.
    I also think that for me, it will help if I am able to more clearly define the enjoyable things:- as opposed to what often seems to be the case – which is where I find myself feeling like “I don’t really want to do this thing as it is not particularly enjoyable – though perhaps necessary, and I would much rather be doing something which gives me pleasure, which I enjoy – but I am not sure exactly what”.
    So it’s like I want Something, but… I don’t know what that is…. so there is a real vagueness or “emptiness” hanging around the thought, if that makes any sort of sense

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