Unity Consciousness and Realities

The respect and honoring of another’s reality carries seemingly a sense of separation. If we look at it that way, it would split us up into just under 7 billion realities. For the past few years, I have felt a distinct drive toward unity consciousness. In this drive, so I am shown, so I experience in my own reality, for me alone, in my very personal reality, (enough disclaimers?) I witness and experience on my own inner movie screen the seeming explosion (of Divine Unity Consciousness) into a myriad of “little” personal realities.

In order to end the war on realities and bring about peace and unity, I know not to push against any one of these “separate” realities and instead respect and honor each and every fragment as part of the whole. Every different reality is an expression of a fragment of the One Source. There may be realities that are similar to each other, but there cannot ever be two fully identical realities. The full understanding of this may not be possible for me while I am in this body, but to the extent I do understand this, it means one thing alone – the sooner I stop trying to make my reality that of the other(s), the closer I can get to unity consciousness, and thus experience unity consciousness. However, even if I experience a sense of wholeness, it will still just be my reality and cannot be called unity consciousness, for I cannot experience this sense of true unity all by myself.

At this point, please let me openly own that in the past I have clearly transgressed and tried to share my reality as if it were something other than a very personal thing. Today, I pay very close attention to disengage from that desire to do more than just share my point of perspective with others and take away any expectation what that sharing should provoke.


5 thoughts on “Unity Consciousness and Realities

  1. I don’t normally like to quote someone’s words back to them but – now I find I’ve done it twice in a row… “…tried to share my reality as if it were something other than a very personal thing” seems to me to capture the essence of another issue which I believe is of vital importance for harmony – yet again, to find someone who truly understands this is rare. I go on a lot about subjectivity – but this is I believe essentially the point you are making here – when you speak of the impossibility of identical realities.

    • I think it is innate and vital to our essence, our non-physical self, that we share, compare, discern and play with our differing points of perspective – it’s lonely in one’s own cave for that reason 🙂

      • I couldn’t agree more. The existential loneliness is something I feel very strongly. And that is why it is such a relief to find others who have that openness, that limitlessness (or potential for it) that allows such sharing.

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