The Nature of Letting Go

Today seems a good day to talk a bit about “letting go”. Letting go as in releasing a hold. The opposite of this would be to hold on, to restrain, to bind. Letting go has been linked a lot to be understood as “surrender” and that quality has been feared quite a bit. Letting go does have the connotation to leave something behind. The problem we have is when our ego, our lower self produces a whole lot of fear because it may fear to be the one who is let go as we march into more and more awareness of embodying the higher self on the physical plane. Whenever I find myself at a place that has grown very comfortable and well known to me and I’ve cherished the blessings in it, yet the Universe deems it important that I move on, I sporadically find myself at a point where this surrender thing becomes paramount.

It’s there, it’s before me, I look at it like the proverbial rabbit gazing at the snake. I fear it, for beyond it is the unknown, unchartered territory, yet, I also recognize that I’ve been treading in one place for too long and it’s just time to continue on. I know I cannot truly make that step across the threshold that is looming before me if I solely take my masculine qualities and try to step into the abyss. There has to be a balance and it’s found in the feminine qualities of surrendering, of letting go. It’s like clinging to a rock in a raging river which takes so much more energy than letting go of the hold of the (somewhat) safe place, of the known little rock that allows us some view of the river, but never gets us carried into the new unchartered territories.

Usually, there’s some kicking and screaming as in resistance against that which lies before me, but I tell myself, there is no courage where there is no fear and I go about acknowledging the fear that wants me to hang on to my rock forever, no matter how tired my arms and hands get. I bless its wisdom, for truly the unknown is a scary thing and the fear is reasonable and natural. I talk to this fear part inside and tell it that in the same energy of fear, there is courage – and I reason myself into the place of where courage grows. At some point, perhaps I have my impatient nature to thank for, I just say YES to exploring the unknown, I just release, despite the fear – I just let go, I just allow the river of my journey to carry me forth where I need to be next and in letting go, I realize that it is the very same energy as holding on. There is no holding on, if there is not the potential of letting go. I cannot truly think that if I have the strength to hold on, I cannot let go. Action and reaction are equal and opposite, as the pendulum can swing into the full experience of holding on, it can swing back into the equally strong opposite experience of letting go. And so it is.


5 thoughts on “The Nature of Letting Go

  1. The process of “letting go” is an examination of how we agree to be influenced. Whether we are aware or not, all influences that impact our life are agreed to. As we undertake the self-observation and study the influences, we begin to raise questions about our own choices. Thus begins a process of identifying and choosing alternate influences.

    The choice of alternate influences brings to the path of higher dimensions…..the realm of spiritual insights that evolve new desires we have not yet experienced. The “fear factor” is mitigated by the presence of these new desires. Fear, of course, is an abstract. Fear is not some self-sustaining entity with a capacity to imprison us. It is simply a determinative emotion contained within a thought; a causal effect in response to a perceived threat to our pleasure/pain mechanism.

    The “feminine quality” is a good analogy to our inner structure, and the layers of egoistic versus spiritual interactions (sometimes referred to as male and female). The most critical aspect of spiritual effort is the moment to moment awareness of the opposites in play. As our spiritual alignment becomes more advanced, we begin to experience our ability to control how we influence the entirety of Creation.

    • Well put, Rob, thank you for sharing your perception of this topic. I have not met many who speak of the awareness of the opposites in play – I am glad to hear I’m not the only one who has that kind of bird’s eye view of everything having two opposing sides. On my journey to where I am today, this shift in perception from duality (this OR that) to the perception of “this AND that” has proven to be a massive milestone and its impact is still rippling through the fabric of my creations. I really appreciate that you spoke up here 🙂

  2. The notion of letting go makes me think of “freedom”. Where that comes from I am not clear on… but it seems like it could be either or both of the giving/allowing freedom for both others or other things, and the self.
    Meaning – if it were a person who I was somehow letting go – then I am freeing them from any sense they might have that they are required to “stay” on my behalf; or if thought of from my perspective it might be me giving myself freedom or releasing myself from…. whatever it might be; which might well be something which although initially was something that embraced me, may well have somehow become a prison of sorts.
    Not sure if I am making sense – but… these are the words that came out.

    • To me this makes perfect sense, however, the word “freedom” is a tricky one in my understanding, for it carries the opposite of bondage, where “letting go” to me carries the opposite of simply holding on and is therefore a less charged term. Words hold power and I have learned to use them carefully. It may well be, that in your case, letting go is desired so much that an emotional response of freedom would flood you the moment you did let go (hypothetically speaking). In my case, letting go always brings a deep sense of relief, for it brings me into the more natural state of trust in the non-physical which I have appointed the driving force in my life. We do have the total freedom to choose either of the opposites at any time and engage in the resulting experience and there cannot be any judgment as to what is “better” or not, for both experiences, (freedom or bondage) are equally beautiful when seen from the non-physical perspective. It’s just a matter of preference in essence.

      • The observation that words hold power is poignant in relation to me. I find often that I write things without thinking too much – and often without yet understanding what I am really saying. The danger there is that I might not always choose my words carefully enough to convey the true meaning behind my intent, which is strange really – given how important it is to me to not be misunderstood.
        It is like my urge to articulate overrides (or overpowers?) my more commonsense self which might, if allowed, take more time to consider – and, as you say, choose words more carefully.

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