The Light of Truth

The light of truth (unconditional love) smooths ridges and weaves a fabric that is able to bring forth forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance. ~ Alaniya


2 thoughts on “The Light of Truth

  1. You equate truth with unconditional love here. Is this truth what has also been referred to as “Universal” truth?

  2. Universal truth is a term I also use for things that are true regardless whether anyone believes them or not. Unconditional love is the energy everything is made of, when I shine the Light of this truth onto a situation consciously, the results are immediate. In essence, whatever you look at and believe that it will become, so if say I have an ornery child (or person) and instead of correcting through critical words or worse, I just look upon the child and see unconditional love put into form, he or she cannot help but respond to that in an incredibly positive way, for it is absolutely soothing to be seen for what we truly are.

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