Source is Consciousness


All that is around you, is in you. Every person you interact with will reflect that which is within you. Every experience you make is your very own creation. There are no exceptions for anyone. The fairness lies in the fact that this is part of the Universal laws which are in place for everyone and everything that exists. From the smallest particle to the clumps of cells you call your bodies, to the planets spinning in your solar system, to the galaxies of this universe and beyond. All has been preceded by focused thought.

It is consciousness that is life giving, the greater the awareness of an individual, the more freely the energy that we call “Source” can flow. Source is consciousness, Source is life. Source is all that is, and that includes you.


One thought on “Source is Consciousness

  1. I’m glad I have read this post again because I now realise that I did not understand it properly when I first read it.

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