Just Be

When all the evidence around you seems to indicate that everything is going the wrong way, you may just have to take the hit. When it hurts, tears may bring relief for a bit; when you are enraged, try to direct your venting into an empty room rather than toward other people. In it all, try to remember that your emotions are just an indicator of where you are at in your alignment process.

There, within the turmoil of the situation lies a space however, where you can find yourself to just be. You can experience this space at the center of the storm that goes on around you. The more centered you get in the state of just being, the less impact the storm has on you. Solutions may or may not show themselves. Issues may or may not persist. It is all ok. In this space, you can experience equanimity. The way there is often lead by a whisper from your source reaching you through all turmoil with a repeated, soothing reminder – Just Be!….


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