Life in the 5th Dimension


A pioneer’s reward is the deliciousness of discovery.

The big hype about Earth’s transition from the 3rd to the 5th dimension has fizzled away lately. 12/21/12 came and went like so many other dates we thought were special. Well, this ominous date denoting the last winter solstice was an important marker. Earth’s energies reached and anchored into vibrational frequencies of the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension, this wonderful new place. Anyone holding the idea that we would suddenly experience a brand new Earth with fancy new stuff happening to us, has no doubt gone through a bit of a sobering up period by now. The reason for that sobering up is, that we have not lost free will choice. We are still creating based on what we knew for so long. We are still creating 3rd dimensional experiences, just because it’s easy and we know how. Earth frequency being at a 5th dimensional level doesn’t mean that the 3rd dimension is no longer available! –  The 5th dimensional level includes the 3rd dimension. It’s just that we now not only manifest and experience within the 3 dimensions of length, width and height, but have 2 more dimensions available to us for exploration. These 2 new dimensions are time and space. I have had personal experiences around space and time that confirm to me that these two dimensions are freely available now for exploration, that means they are no longer locked down to ensure the linear progression and duality experience of the 3rd dimension. That’s the upgrade our playground has received!

It is up to each and every one of us to explore this new playground; to find out about the new rules, the possibilities and the experiences contained within the new parameters. If you had the idea that all of a sudden, the world was going to change and you would be in paradise and be done with contrast or anything of the sort, you might find yourself experiencing the emotional feedback of disappointment. Unless…. unless you realized that you too are a pioneer; one who steps foot into the unknown, just for the sake of the newness of the whole thing, then you will know that you are indeed in paradise, you know that your world has most certainly changed and pretty suddenly too.

If you find yourself with the belief anchored in your awareness that we do have the additional 2 dimensions available to us to play in, but you haven’t experienced any direct evidence of it yet, it may well be, that you are standing at the edge of the playground and haven’t set foot into it yet. Rest assured, the 3rd dimension isn’t lost if we commit to the 5th dimensional experiences. I go back to linearity sometimes, just to see how (limiting) it was and to delight in the contrast of what is possible now. True, you will never be able to “unknow” that which you know in this lifetime, but we have unlimited creative abilities and as you may be able to recall certain events from your past with fondness, you can also relive that which up until last December was the norm for playing on Earth.

It’s a new day, it’s actually a new dawn, a new beginning, a new paradigm – and it’s up to us individually to go explore the makings, the results, the gifts, and the peculiarities of our new world. We are pioneers who pave the way for all that follow and our reward is the delight of discovery.


4 thoughts on “Life in the 5th Dimension

  1. I am very keen to begin swimming in the waters of these new dimensions but unfortunately I am a crappy swimmer so until I rectify that I have to be satisfied with dipping my toe in the pool – or maybe even a little paddling.

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