Yesterday, I celebrated my earthly birthday. My body has served me very well for the past 52 years and I managed to stay in a state of celebration and appreciation of my life in this physical form all day. It got even hectic in the evening, but I insisted silently that I am celebrating today. So I did and with that stance, I began to allow more fully that things in my day were as they were unfolding. There was nothing I wanted to change. There was nothing I felt was lacking and there was nothing that I consciously wanted to improve. I flowed with the energy of this day.

The allowing felt so good and smooth. It was easy to flow along with whatever the universe thought of presenting me with all day long. If I chose to be critical, I could go there and distinguish that not all aspects of my birthday were spectacular and some could even be called difficult. However, in the state of allowing, I did not perceive anything other than more allowing and more still. I really got that energy of allowing going. It was active. I could feel it swirling through my day all around me and within.

Today, the energy of allowing is still present and so is the energy of celebration. Today, I celebrate allowing – that combines the two and elevates my frequency even further. I cannot say, how it really happened, but suddenly, my awareness registered, that everything in life is wanted – It is a part of me. It is wanted, even if it is showing me that I choose something different. It is wanted and part of me simply because it is in my experience. I felt such a deep connection with this thought that I realized suddenly, that I no longer perceived the energy of allowing. Instead, it had given way to a sense of serenity mixed with joy, that I can only describe as full alignment with my source. In that state, there are no desires, there is nothing wanted or wanting, there are no unwanted things. In that state, there is absolute certainty that every little thing is exactly how I wanted it to be. Mind you, not stagnant, still in flux, but nonetheless perfect in and of itself. Through reaching that place of centered alignment, clarity flows unhindered and the purpose of life is clear as day. Its purpose being that I am in that state, experiencing life’s flow moment by moment as it comes and the knowledge, that it reflects who I am back to me with absolute precision.


3 thoughts on “Allowing

  1. Would it be fair to paraphrase “every little thing is exactly how I wanted it to be” with the words “every little thing is exactly how it was meant to be”? or are they the same inasmuch as the desire, the “I wanted” IS that you wanted it to be exactly how it was meant to be?

  2. I don’t think the two are exactly the same – my statement indicates that I take full responsibility as SOLE creator of my own reality, whereas when I read it the way you put it, that could read as if there is an outside force that has the say as to how things develop. I used to use the words as you do, but today cannot do that any longer, as my perception has shifted towards a greater understanding of my own power and role at the hub of my own reality and that includes every little detail of anything I experience (even this interaction)…

    • I think I understand. This reminds me of the concept of “fate” – which often leads people to believe that what happens to them in life is in a way out of their control. But what you say makes much more sense – regarding your own power in this.

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