Debunking Negativity

I’m about to poke a stick into a hornet’s nest and declare that there is no negativity. 

I hear you cry! I caught your attention, because you are reading what I have to say to support my claim. I admit, this outrageous statement in the face of our daily lives in duality may send your brain patterns reeling. My own mind was struggling to grasp this universal truth at first. Too deep are the ingrained patterns of countless lifetimes on Earth, that we could hope to jump into a new paradigm over night.

Still, the fact remains that negativity is non-existent and that is a universal truth, as much as gravity is a universal truth. Now let me attempt to get to the point. In the face of our daily experiences wherein we have seeming proof of plenty of negative things, there is a point of perception we can reach. It is the point of perception that elevates us from being fully embedded in the 3rd dimensional experience and to go there may not be everyone’s choice, which is absolutely allowed.

Take any one topic and look at it; you will find either a positive or a negative connotation. Turn around and look along an imaginary line in the opposite direction and you will find the exact opposite of the topic at hand. Take love, turn around and find hate for example. (ok, I admit that’s a tough topic)… Take say hot and you will find cold … you get the gist.  When you practice looking at both ends, the positive as well as the negative for a while, you will train yourself to see both sides at once and for me, it feels like in my mind’s eye, I’m sort of hovering above and adopt a bird’s eye view. That creates a bit of a distance to the topic at hand and brings in a new understanding.

This new understanding shows that both sides are connected and separation into its dual components is an illusion (a persistent one, I give you that). When you see the connection, you will grasp that the two sides become one entity and that entity is made of energy, as much as everything else we experience.

Now it’s important that we don’t just turn our back on what we have perceived as negative so far, for if we did that and only focused on what is called positive, we’d rule out 50% of life and being that limited just doesn’t feel good. Kudos to those who tell us more positively focused ones not to stick our heads into the sand and avoid the negative! – From my point of view, they are correct with their observations.

So why do “negative” things feel bad? They feel bad, because we think of them as negative things and our source does not, which causes a state of misalignment with our essence. That’s all! – Should we now only think positive things? That is not necessary and would be one-sided, therefore perpetuating the duality we are trying to ascend out of.

A possible key is acceptance.  If we accept with a light heart that ALL of our experiences, all duality poles are made of the same energy that lies at the core of everything, we can slowly hope to create new beliefs within us and the universe will realign itself to bring us a new reality. The question is not whether or not we move out of negativity, but whether we are conscious enough to understand that there is nothing that is negative at its core. Only by integrating the totality of what we experience and by observing the goodness of everything that is happening, just because we are at the core of creation and we are all good, can we hope to slip away from the grasp of duality and experience a freedom that we viscerally know exists.

Some of you may ask for proof. That’s a tricky one, for the only proof you will ever get is the proof of your own thoughts and not mine. A good way to see whether your source resonates with what I say is to tune into your emotions and see whether my words feel good or not. If they do not, my truth isn’t for you. If they do, your source agrees with my words. I have no way of knowing which one it will be and I accept free will fully. Full proof for any individual lies in the personal experience.


One thought on “Debunking Negativity

  1. As I read these words my first thought was “balance”.
    Subsequently I thought of the described imaginary line as a sort of continuum (from the “negative” to the “positive”) and that this continuum represents the overall balance (or alignment – to use your words).
    I know I am not really saying anything new here – perhaps just putting my own words to it.

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