Relationships Affected by Ascension

(Original Post 8/4/2011; shared from Epiphanies, Experiences, and Viewpoints)

The process of increasing one’s vibratory frequency has many symptoms. One of them is most visible when one is in partnership with someone who is not moving at the same speed. You can look at this as if one is dialing away from one radio station to a different one. At some point, the “old” radio station, where both partners started out on becomes fuzzy, it cannot be perceived clearly any longer and the new one hasn’t been reached yet. The old one is but a memory at that point. You can imagine that communication is quite possibly one of the first things to go haywire. Things are being meant one way expressed perfectly well how they have been for ages and poof, the receiver who has moved out of the old radio station does not quite understand anymore what was meant, misinterprets, and reacts to it in a way that is non-conducive to a peaceful exchange.

Communication is just one thing that can go sour in such a relationship. There are many other things and frequently a bitter battle over right and wrong (of the two differing view points) emerges. One party in fear and the other party striving to be in the point of love. I have lived this scenario and seen it in various romantic relationships elsewhere. There is of course not a quick fix, since every relationship dance has its very own rhythm and follows its own music. I have however found that one thing seems pivotal in it all, whether the relationship is bound for a break up or not. The one partner who leaves the old radio station and moves along the energetic pull of ascension is the one who is able and capable to wrap him or herself into the energy of love. Unconditional love that is. That means, it is due to the fact that he or she is simply able to do that, it becomes their responsibility to embrace this ability and exercise it. By exercising unconditional love, I mean that the person on the way out of the old energetic frequency has to wrap themselves in unconditional love and spread it. Spread it onto the relationship, embrace the partner and the children day in and day out. There are no words needed, I find that words would be hindering most of the time anyway. Love is the only energy that will bridge the energetic gap. Whether the partners end up staying together or break up is beside the point. Love is unconditional, so there cannot be a plan to “save a marriage” with this exercise or something like this. What the light of truth (unconditional love) does, is smooth the ridges, weave a fabric that is able to create forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance. Which ever way the two people end up going, it will be as easy as humanly possible when the one who is able to actually does exercise this kind of selfless act.

If a parting is indicated, it will ensure that it is peaceful, without leaving a trail of destruction behind. This is extremely helpful for children, if there are any. It may be unfair that only one party has to do the work here, but it isn’t about right or wrong, it isn’t about he did or she did (or has)… it is simply about who can do the work. Who is able is called to the plate and will in turn reap incredible gifts of understanding and self-mastery. It’s really quite fair the way it is set up.

I do not guarantee that this exercising of unconditional love “saves” any relationship. What I have seen however, is a much smoother ride and sometimes even a role modeling that is inspiring the other partner to follow suit. Careful however, not to make that the goal of loving. The love truly has to remain unconditional.

There are no other tips I have to offer at this point, but I know deep in my heart that if the one who is able to extend that love does so, the experience is not going to be as traumatic as it could otherwise become. If you find yourself in such a situation, try your best to honor and respect your partner’s choice of staying in the old energies. Try to respect yourself by moving on into the new frequencies. Resentment born from holding back while hoping that the other will follow is a bitter pill in the making and not very easy to neutralize. Remember what it is all about (love) and do what you can to stay in a place where an open heart and unconditional love are the focus. As often as you can, for as long as possible. Good Luck!


2 thoughts on “Relationships Affected by Ascension

  1. Well – either the “more here” link is broken or I have a problem at this end because I am unable to access the rest of the post – wherever it may be.
    It is possible this is due to limitations imposed by the corporate server here (some sites are banned or excluded) so I will try later from home.
    Regardless I am fascinated to read more. In particular the notion (as I have perceived the words) that evolving personally equates to increasing one’s frequency.

    Update:- I found I was able to go to the blogspot site directly so now I HAVE read “the rest”.
    Or not.. well I thought I had – but I only found the 2013 update but that DID point me to the initial post.
    So now – I WILL read the real rest.

    Update2:- And now I have – and it was worth the effort. And I think I found the problem. If you hover yout mouse over the “here” link it shows ane extra “http//” at the front of the link text (ie: it reads http://http//quantum…. etc.

    So after all that – do I have a comment? I guess my comment is simply to say that I can relate to this post a lot. The difficulty I see is that I think we humans have a natural urge (need?) to have a deep connection with our life partner (of course the “depth” is dictated by one’s evolution (or frequency?) but – once there is a significant mismatch in frequencies this can lead to the person who has moved to another frequency to find the available depth dissatisfying; and this can lead to a sense of what I might call spiritual (or perhaps existential) loneliness.

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