Celebrate it all!

Did you know that if you celebrate only the good times, you forget to celebrate the totality of your life?

It’s such a human trend to celebrate special days, wonderful moments, stuff that we’re happy about. We should celebrate those things for sure. However, I can’t help but see the totality of it all in my life. I see the things I’m used to celebrating, birthdays, milestones, my children’s successes, sometimes even my own. Strangely enough, these celebrations occupy but a fraction of the totality of my life. It’s my choice what I celebrate and just the other day, I had the opportunity to celebrate a broken laptop screen. Wait a minute … that’s really not a nice thing that I have created here; how can I hope to celebrate now? I can choose what I celebrate. I can choose to include the mishaps and laugh wholeheartedly. I can celebrate that I am alive, I can celebrate that these 1st world “problems” are just really no problems at all. I can decide to celebrate, first with a bit of a hysterical laugh, then I can relax into the idea and do something really different. I let that laugh turn into joy. I let it happen. Yes, I celebrated the broken screen, thanked it for the past 5 years of flawless performance and went about looking for a replacement part (they are available you know)… Now I’m going to celebrate my opportunity to become a computer tech and hope to enjoy fixing my laptop as much as I have enjoyed the experience of something that could potentially make me feel bad, but didn’t – I celebrate that I’ve changed my outlook and I celebrate life to the fullest – ALL experiences are worthy of my celebrations – all of them!



5 thoughts on “Celebrate it all!

  1. I started doing this a little while back and it made the “not so good things” like broken screen, they became less “bad” and I saw the opportunity for something new, like a new beginning, in them.

    Great post and hope this causes a ripple effect that others will come to more enlightenment with it…thanks!

  2. Thanks for connecting Bryan, I appreciate comments, likes, communication, and connections 🙂 It all starts with a new thought, doesn’t it? Then, with repetition, it will become a belief and as the belief structure strengthens, eventually, we can experience a paradigm shift. The ripple effect is a universal truth, as is gravity. It is unavoidable, as energy isn’t static. Words are thought forms, energy; they emanate a steady frequency and reach those who have a point of attraction within them.

  3. I don’t think there is anything more celebration-worthy than a broken laptop screen.

    Seriously though – it is only when I read that your celebration was about what the laptop screen had done for you prior to it breaking, that I understood.

    The notion of celebration is one which I have struggled with.
    But I think much of that struggle is that I have found myself turned off by things like tradition.
    For example – the notion of celebrating {whatever} day simply because it happens to be 10th July and that is {whatever} day (according to the calendar) is one which in my observation is “celebrated” more by people just wanting an excuse to get out of hand in some way, rather than because they truly believe in {whatever} day.

    • I totally agree with you regarding the “planned celebrations” that we tend to attach to a certain date/event – However I love to be a rogue who celebrates random moments of spontaneous or consciously reached for joy 🙂

      • That’s the best kind of rogueishness (if that’s a word…) I think.
        And yes – the spontaneity is what is lacking from those planned celebrations for sure.

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