In the eyes of another you can see the reflection of your own soul’s essence. The moment you embrace the beauty of your own essence and accept it into your heart, you will begin to recognize the beauty in everyone and everything else.


(Quote from Chapter 31 - Life on the Leading Edge)

A Perception of Source

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to source. Oneness is one of them. Source being the totality of all that is. That is my personal understanding of source, but it is a bit more elaborate than that. The human mind (including mine of course) has a hard time really grasping what source, or All-that-is, really means. The magnitude of what source entails is just too much for a human brain to process linearly. Source is not at all linear, that much is clear to me.

To comprehend source while in physical form may be an exercise in futility. It may also not serve anyone to know more than what is needed, namely, that all is one. There are other philosophies that speak of heavenly hierarchies. A very linear system of young souls, developing souls, old souls, volunteer souls etc, the angelic realms, and finally (on a throne?) the One… I have seen why such a linear hierarchy has come to be a philosophy here on Earth. What about soul missions? What about Earth experience being a school for souls (a hard one at that?) – If you consider expansion and evolution to be learning, then yes of course, every soul is learning, for no soul will ever stagnate, whether it has focused some energy in a physical body or not is beside the point. So, how do we come to have two seemingly differing thoughts about what source is, or who we are when we re-emerge into the undending sea of consciousness I call source? – Is source equal to oneness, or is source neatly and hierarchically divided into sections or levels? The experience I have with source energy tells me that it is both – sort of anyway.

Oneness is something that can easily be experienced while vibrationally aligned with source energy. There are also differing levels (for lack of a better word). These levels are not strictly hierarchic however, they are governed by vibration and there is a law of grace in place. This law does not cause a vibration that is unlike another (within source itself) to meet and interact in a conscious manner. The term “Law of Grace” is inspired. I picked it up years ago, when I learned to navigate with my consciousness alone within source energy. This law will not “allow” a lower vibration to “look upon” a very high vibration, as it would be very uncomfortable for that source point (a specific frequency point within source) to do so if it could happen, which it cannot, as like attracts like in all of what source is.There is the act of grace involved that brings an automatic “protection” to the one source point  that vibrates at a lower rate than another source point. It is however possible, if a highly vibrating source point desires to do so, to lower its vibration to visit and interact with a lower vibrating source point, as the lower vibration is essentially contained within the higher one.

Incarnated on Earth and elsewhere, we frolic, despite not really knowing our specific source point’s frequency, but we always feel wonderful when we line up with it, regardless whether that source point is of a high vibration, having expanded around itself for a long time (metaphorically speaking) or whether it is what is sometimes termed a “young soul”, or in my words, a source point of lower vibration, which has not (yet) expanded as much. The joy when any one of us lines up with source is always the same, as the emotional guidance is the same for everyone, no matter where your personal source point’s frequency is. It also does not matter, whether it is a high vibration, or a lower vibration, as there is absolutely no judgment within source. Any judgment would be comparable to say an ear judging a toe – that simply does not happen. It also serves no purpose whatsoever, other than to satisfy perhaps curiosity, to know that there are indeed different source points of different vibrational frequency and that these source points are nothing other than different specific points of perception through which the totality of source experiences itself. It is perhaps enough to know that by way of vibrational frequency that attracts that which is like itself, we are gathering around us source points of similar and harmonious vibration to form soul groups or soul families. That is how I can say that not everyone has the same source point, but all are one.

Beware that any attempt to attribute any kind of value, importance, or hierarchy to this explanation is only the human attempt to put a non-linear sea of consciousness into linear and logical comprehension, which it cannot really do. The source point that is at the lowest possible vibration is as valuable as the one at the highest possible vibration and all source points are free to expand as they desire and become more. It is easy to fathom that in such a way, anything goes, anything is allowed, and anything can be experienced whenever the desire arises to do so. It is how creation works. It is always perfect how it is, and it is neverending.


The Art of Giving … and Receiving

It is so easy to make oneself feel good. The act of giving, also called generosity, will easily propel one into an experience of joy. It doesn’t have to be a material thing that we are giving, but just to know that we’ve made an impact on someone else with that gift  makes us happy. Furthermore, if that gift is accepted and taken with gratitude, we feel something else, we feel accepted ourselves. If a gift we intend to give is not accepted, then the first impression is one of being rejected (in most cases). In this dance of giving and receiving, we can see that both ends are equally important for a “successful” transaction.

This applies not only for material gifts, it applies for emotional gifts and of course as well for the mental gifts of new ideas and the spiritual gifts our Higher Selves, the Creator, the angelic kingdom and all helpers have in store for us. There are countless gifts out there, I visualize the crystal grid hanging full of them, for each individual who cares to ask for help, their special and individual gift will activate and ease the way no matter where the ailment lies. What is most important in my view, is that if you do take advantage of that offer that is available for all of mankind, it is but a matter of courtesy to have an open heart and fully accept that gift. Receiving it is equally a conscious choice as is asking for the gift. The quality of receiving this gift will bring not only the gift, but also the quality of accepting the energy of the gift giver into your energetic frequency. Be this the energies of your Higher Self, the One, the Angels, the Archangels or your personal helpers, it will create a deeper understanding of oneness, of unity within yourself, being connected thus with all that is in a very deep and meaningful, conscious manner.

(Original post: January 25, 2011)


Done Judging

Only when we are open enough to laugh loudly at who we are, what behavior patterns we still follow regularly, can we find that place in our hearts, where we find it easier to embrace each and every ounce of who we are, regardless of whether the things we find are especially enlightened, pretty much the lowest points of our lives, the glorious achievements in the outside world, or our quiet, unseen personal triumphs.

When we have truly reached the point, when we can fully accept the totality of who we encounter when we observe ourselves, then I foresee a wave of relief to wash across the whole of humanity, cleansing us from every little bit of judgment that we experience. This in full knowledge, that we have ceased to judge ourselves and the reflection of judgment that we encounter in our realities just isn’t there any longer. When this happens on a broad spectrum, we will find more and more humans in awe of their fellow man, in awe mainly because of the incredible amount of diversity and varied expressions that exist and can be shared. When this happens, fear of being judged can be an experience of the past that does no longer need to be re-created.

We all have the power to begin with a very simple step of stopping the inner critic from spewing forth his or her continuous stream of judgment at every twist and turn of our earthly experience. The more we are able to accept ourselves fully as we are, the more we will experience acceptance from others, the more we will accept them in turn… the avalanche is ready to sweep the world. Who’s with me?


(Original post: July 30, 2011)

The Power of Beliefs

There is a belief that holds steadfast and is anchored within mass consciousness. That means, it is one of the most commonly held beliefs that affect us all. It seems to me that it is difficult to believe something else, while this one is offering still such a very strong current for all of humanity. The belief I am talking about is the one that creates the reality of having to work through things, overcome adversity and apply effort to do so.

Only when we have given it everything we have, only when we have thrown all our efforting that is humanly possible against the various things we categorize as adversity, do we stand a chance of redemption or a glimpse of ease. This belief is only strong because so many of us here on Earth still believe in the action journey. The action journey is the one where we see something unwanted and thus begin to work hard in our outer environment to improve the situation. (Mind you, the same action journey applies to doing your “inner work” while gaining more spiritual awareness.) The action journey is where it’s at for most people, for without pain no gain (or so the belief confirms) – without hard labor, no fruit. We all want the rewards. We all want to feel good. I know no one who desires to feel bad. I know a great many from all walks of life, of many possible belief systems, who work hard, and I mean HARD, to “get there” (there being whatever goal they have set for themselves).

Even while writing this up, I’m feeling the drudgery, the exhaustion, the pain, the sheer insurmountable heaps of “issues” that supposedly need to be overcome here on Earth. A task that even the hardiest workers among us cannot possibly undertake by the action journey alone.

What other possibilities are there instead? – I am called to write about this belief in “hard work”. I am called to say that it is this very belief that makes the experience so difficult. It is this belief of “hard work for results” that delivers the reality of all the adversity we experience, to give us ample opportunity to work hard (to confirm the belief through experiencing this reality).  It is simple: for as long as you believe in this concept, you will experience this concept. I have believed in it, I have experienced it. I have also found it very difficult to go against the massive current of humanity’s belief in it to learn to believe otherwise, until I realized that my difficulties had the very same belief pattern (it takes hard work to overcome adversity) at its foundation. It does not matter what change you are aiming for in your life. It can be change on the physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual plane of experience. Even those who have decided to aim for fantastically high vibrations often still adhere to this old fashioned belief and “work hard” at attaining their goals.

This moment is as good as any to ditch that old belief! Beware, that it isn’t hard work! – It really is not! –  A belief is a thought you keep thinking. Think a thought of ease long enough and you will find happy feelings to start with, and eventually the flow of ease in and throughout all of your experiences will begin to show up. I feel compelled to say that it is time to stop overcoming, to stop working hard at our goals, to be bold and believe in ease, even if the rest of the world does not yet. Let’s be pioneers who begin unraveling the massive fabric of this belief that has become part of mass consciousness over the past few thousand years. It does not take hard work to do so – it’s easy if we laugh about it. We can find it fantastic as it really is fantastic to have brought about such stringent limitations. Make it a point to take every moment you can to consciously relax into the ease that is your natural state of being. If you still feel the need to work, then work on awareness, work on taking things with ease and acceptance, work on playing, play with it until it is work no more.

The Art of Being

When I contemplate the art of being, in my perception, it encompasses the allowing of every single viewpoint, every single creation, be that my creation or that of someone else. Allowing everything to be just because it already is as it is, brings a very deep sense of completeness. This focus can be reached by deciding to allow every observation to be the way it is. It can be maintained on a moment by moment basis by concentrating and practicing to never interfere (unless truly inspired to do so in certain moments)* and thereby joining source’s viewpoint of allowing for free will choice. This kind of allowing of all things, all decisions, all creations, all opinions, all paths, etc, is ultimately very freeing. I find myself rewarded with a very deep sense of inner and outer peace. The decision to view everything as something that is allowed creates an intense opening for source energy to flow greater amounts of its life giving, positive energy into my physical being and the first emotional response is a combination of relief, deep relaxation, and a sense of beingness that is beyond reproach.


*) Source inspired action feels like an incredible urge to go forth and do the action; not acting in that moment will feel “off” and acting on that urge will feel very “on”.

About Failure

The emotional feedback of feeling like a failure, or that you have failed at something is a direct response to thoughts that are in contrast to how your inner being, your source point thinks of you or about the situation you have judged or assessed to be negative.

What we humans tend to determine to be a failure is often just a turning point in our lives; or the new point of departure for a journey into a different direction. By looking at our “failures” as just that, a point of clarification perhaps, or at the very least as just the point of departure for the journey to the next point, then we can ease up on experiencing our creations as failures. Instead, we can adopt the perspective that they are mere springboards for more exciting stuff. Nothing in life is a failure, for everything, even that which we deem very negative, is merely the type of contrast that brings about new desires and preferences, which our source point immediately and steadily holds in focus, waiting for the human part to catch up. What we experience as failures are in fact the birthplaces for so much more. In that light, nothing is ever a true failure and nothing is ever really done, as our experience keeps expanding, growing, and increasing in many more interesting points that give rise to more of creation and experiences and so forth.

To look at oneself, one’s life, or certain experiences therein as failures, indicates that there is a general distrust or disbelief in the positivity of Creation itself and although that only leads to negative emotional feedback, that too is of course allowed as a filter through which to experience one of life’s many flavors. The joy of it all lies in allowing even that which we call failure to be in our experience, in the full understanding that ultimately, everything is as it is created,  it is as it has been conjured up into our realities and therefore, by the sheer nature of its presence in our lives, it is good and cannot ever be a true failure.